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Toke'Em Cannabis Cards - Case (12 Packs)

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Is one pack not going to cut it? Do you anticipate having to share these with your friends? Not a problem, we've got you covered! With a 12-pack case, you'll probably be the most popular person at the party.

Toke'EM is a playable, collectible educational cannabis game that recognizes the cannabis industries leading brands, products and cultivars, who have shaped the cannabis industry into what it is today. Toke'EM highlights cultivars, products and the unique ways in which cannabis products are created. Toke'EM shows consumers, in a fun interactive way, what goes into making the products they love - whether it's lineage, terpenes, extraction or grow methods. 

Toke'EM is made up of "Core Cards" including Phenotypes, Products and Facilities as well "Booster Cards" which are played with Core Cards to increase your points and show consumers how different processes enhance your favourite products whether that is producing in a GMP Facility or growing using aero or aquaponic's or which terpenes are found in your favourite strains. 

Collect. Play. Learn.
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